andrew cotter

computational art + design

Planet Word

The World's First Voice-Activated Museum

While working as a Creative Technologist at Local Projects, the team worked with philanthropist Ann Friedman and her team to transform the Franklin School, a National Historical Landmark, located six blocks from the White House into Planet Word, the world's first voice-activated museum of language. Through ten immersive learning galleries, visitors can use their voices to interact and engage with exhibits while hearing from a diverse international cast of leaders, authors, and everyday people who share what language means to them.

Role: Creative Technologist (WebGL, Node.js, C++). Specifically resposible for creating prototyping tools for the kinetic chandelier in the main hall. The prototyping tools included a webGL-based 3D simulation of the hall and globe, as well as a program for processing video and images and mapping them onto the LEDs of the simulated globe