andrew cotter

computational art + design

Brookfield Holiday

The Wishing Forest

The Wishing Forest is a series of installations that are playful twists of classic holiday trees. Whether it’s a tree that is lit up with 25,000 individually addressable LEDs that react to an ornament flying through pneumatic tubes, or a 30 foot bell that creates a symphony of chimes triggered by body movement - these are holiday displays that visitor can interact and create with. Brookfield invites their holiday guests to try forest groves inspired by the mechanical magic of classic coin op arcades and music boxes; to make their own memories in crafted sets; and to create their own forest scape with trees that analyze the rhythmic properties of their voice.

Role: Developer (Node.js and Physical Computing)

In collaboration with:

  • Zander Brimijoin (Creative Director)
  • Daniel Scheibel (Technology Director)
  • Lisa Walters (Executive Producer)
  • Erin Stowell (Sr Producer)
  • Greg Schomburg (Lead Developer)
  • Shuvashis Das (Developer)
  • Matt K Ross (Developer)
  • Danni Huang (Art Direction, Design & Animation)
  • Nicole DiLeo (Design & Animation)
  • Jiwon Ham (Design & Animation)