Who is this series for?

This body of work is intended for people who have started programming, but aren't quite sure how to get from beginner to intermediate. The goal of this project is to be the "best second resource" for learning creative coding after Daniel Shiffman's The Coding Train and before Patricio Gonzalez Vivo's The Book of Shaders.

By now, you've already gotten the hang of procedural programming: stuff like if, else, while, for, and basic data types. You've also probably been exposed to functions and objects at least once, but maybe you haven't quite gotten the hang of that yet.

Maybe you also still don't feel comfortable making a whole new program from scratch, and instead rely on finding examples to jump off of. This series of tutorials and lessons is made to help you think about the structure of and logic of a program, so it doesn't feel so intimidating when you dive into the code. The tutorials are broken up by their components so that you can ostensibly complete them in any order before tying them all together.

If you've gotten into creative code, you're also pretty familiar with p5.js. If you've used p5, Processing, or openFrameworks, you'll feel right at home here. If you think you need a refresher, check out Hello p5 to get started. There's also a lot of great tutorials on getting started over at The Coding Train

As you go through the tutorials, take your time to read through the explainations. Programming concepts can be unintuitive at times and they don't come to you all at once, so don't expect to just skim through and get it right away.