Showing off your work

Let's say that you're going to an open-mic/open-projector event in your area to show off some of the smaller projects and sketches you've been working on. The trouble is, when you practice presenting, you have to keep switching between your slide deck and the sketches. If only there was some way to add the p5 sketches you've made to the slideshow. 🤔

Oh, wait! What if you did the opposite though, and added your sketches and slides into the same p5 program?

That might take a lot of content migration; copying and pasting the text from your slides into the javascript program. So for now, let's just put some of these placeholders

What we need

  • Slides that can encapsulate the behavior of each or your sketches that you want to present
  • One type of slide that is static (text/image)
  • Another type of slide that is animated (p5 sketches)
  • A container for all of your slides
  • Something that keeps track of where you are in the slideshow
  • Holds a variable for your place in the slideshow
  • A way to change which slide is being shown